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Protect Your Trees & Shrubs

There is a wide range of tree and shrub life in the Greater Boston area, but they need proper care to survive the elements. From hot summers to devastating winters, your ornamentals require full-time maintenance to thrive. When you partner with Patriot Pest for tree and shrub care in Boston, you’ll be protecting your landscape from weather, diseases, pests, and insects.


Tree & Shrub Care in Boston

Around Boston, you will likely see an assortment of trees decorating lawns and forests such as Hemlocks, White Cedars, Balsam Poplars, Red Maples, and more. You may also see hardy shrubs decorating gardens such as Sawara Cypress, Summersweet, Mountain Witch Alder, Witch Hazel, and more.  Adding trees and shrubs to your landscape can increase your property value by over 20%, and can help add character to a drab lawn. However, trees and shrubs require specialized care to protect them from disease and insects. If you want a thriving yard without having to commit hours of time and energy, let the professionals at Patriot Pest Management manage your landscape for you.


Pests and disease prey on live trees and shrubs, quickly destroying a landscape and rapidly killing off healthy plants. Team up with Patriot Pest for tree and shrub care in Boston, and we will protect your ornamentals from harmful pests like the Ash Borer and the Japanese Beetle that can sweep through your landscape. 
Ash Borer. This pest has destroyed millions of ash trees in little over a decade. They eat away the bark of ash trees, making the tree weak and susceptible to harsh weather. 
Japanese Beetle. They look friendly, but they’ll ravage your landscape. Japanese Beetles feed on hundreds of plant species, chewing away at the leaves until the plant prematurely drops all its leaves and becomes vulnerable.


In the summer your trees and shrubs need root zone injections, horticultural oil treatments, and insect control applications to thrive and be healthy. But in the winter your trees and shrubs have other needs. Not knowing how and when to provide the right level of protection and nurture will likely result in your landscape dying off.

In the cold season we will:​

Water. Proper watering begins in the fall. Consistently watering woody plants until the ground freezes will protect against dehydration during the winter when roots can’t absorb liquid due to the frozen soil.
Apply mulch. Mulch keeps the roots of your ornamentals warm as long as possible, and traps moisture in the soil.
Trim. If branches are hanging over your house, sidewalk, or car, trim them before it’s too late. Ice and snow can pile up on these branches and break them, causing damage to your home. Our services include branch trimming and removal.
Wrap. Salt helps melt ice and keeps roads safe during the winter months. However, salt  can prove detrimental to young trees and shrubs. We will wrap curbside trees and shrubs to protect them from the elements.

Do you want to protect your trees and shrubs this winter?
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