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Are termites wreaking havoc on your home?

If you suspect the answer is yes, then you need to act fast! Waiting can mean costly repairs in your immediate future. Termites cause more than $5 billion a year in household damage–much of it uninsured. Here at Patriot Pest Management, we have effective solutions you can count on to get rid of termite colonies in your home once and for all. When it comes to protecting your home long-term, our termite control in Boston can't be beat!

Termite Control in Boston

Here at Patriot Pest Management, we have extensive termite control experience you can count on. After all, we've been eliminating termites in Massachusetts households since 1986. Not sure if you have termites? Let us investigate. We start our termite control in the greater Boston area with an initial consultation to determine whether termite colonies are present. If they are, we'll identify the extent of the problem.

From there, our expert team of exterminators will:

  • Recommend the appropriate service plan for your specific situation
  • Destroy existing termite colonies with powerful Termidor products
  • Stop future termites with highly effective preventative methods

You Are Part of Our Family

Patriot Pest Management is a family-owned business, and we do termite control in Boston right–that means we treat all of our customers like family. Our friendly, courteous staff will use advanced products and techniques to protect your home and help you regain peace of mind–all with superior customer service. It's that simple!

Termite-Free for Ten Years

Don't risk expensive repairs due to serious termite damage. Our prompt, free initial inspections will identify the problem–so we can quickly apply the solution. Wait until you see the results we get with Termidor products–they're the best on the market. One application can keep your home termite-free for ten whole years! When you partner with us, you won’t find better termite control in the greater Boston area.

Want to make sure that we service your area? Check out our locations map now!

Ready to stop termites in their tracks?

Contact us for a free termite inspection now!