Massachusetts is home to a wide variety of flowering trees, evergreen, and deciduous shrubs. Because their specific needs vary, maintaining these plants requires a specialized knowledge. Here at Patriot Pest Management, we understand the unique nutritional, insect prevention, and disease control needs of your landscape. With our tree and shrub care in New Hampshire and Massachusetts, our highly-trained technicians will ensure you have a thriving landscape year-round.


At Patriot Pest Management, our 5-step tree and shrub care program includes the use of exceptional fertilizers as well as high-quality insect and disease applications to produce a bountiful and beautiful yard.

  • Nutrients: We inject high-quality fertilizer directly into the roots of your ornamentals to provide them with a supercharged dose of nutrients. In turn, these nutrients will encourage healthier foliage and strengthen their resilience to disease and insect damage. This treatment will also help trees heal faster if the branches or trunk are damaged in any way.
  • Insect Control: Even the smallest insects can create considerable damage to your landscape, sometimes killing trees and shrubs. Patriot Pest Management offers the best surface insect control for your ornamentals in the industry–protecting your landscape in the safest manner possible. We only use products that are conducive to your lawn’s optimum health.
  • Disease Control: Fungus and disease can ravage your trees and shrubs, which is why you need the most effective treatments to protect them all year long. Here at Patriot Pest Management, we have more than 30 years of experience keeping local landscapes lively, beautiful, and resistant to the negative effects of fungus and disease.

Effective Year-Round Solutions

Your trees and shrubs require care all year long in New Hampshire and Massachusetts. For example, did you know that even dormant plants benefit from fertilizer applications during the cold winter months? Instead of having to rely on stored nutrients, your ornamentals will receive additional nutrients to speed up foliage production and strengthen insect resistance

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