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Say Goodbye to Bothersome Bugs!

Relax in a home free from unwanted pests! At Patriot Pest Management, that’s what we give to all our Lowell pest control customers! From guaranteed services to customized treatment plans, we have everything you need to enjoy a pest free home!

Pest Control in Lowell

As a homeowner, the last thing you want to deal with is an insect infestation. Our pest control in Lowell eliminates infestations quickly and stops bugs from coming back for good. Don't let bugs make you uncomfortable in your own home. Let our highly-trained pest control exterminators take care of the problem – permanently. At Patriot Pest Management, we have the solution you need in Lowell, including:

Pest Control Programs That Simply Work

Pest infestations are a year-round issue in Massachusetts – with each season bringing new uninvited guests. Our Lowell pest control services will protect your home and family, so you can feel comfortable again. We are so confident that you'll be satisfied that we guarantee our services. If you have an issue in between our pest control visits, we'll come out and service your Lowell home at no charge. You can't go wrong with Patriot Pest Management!

By first removing pests from your home, and then creating a barrier from the outside of your home, our pest control programs prevent new pests from making their way into your home! Our four-season Home Protection Plan eliminates common household pests such as:

  • Bees
  • Ants
  • Spiders
  • Silverfish
  • Earwigs
  • Mice
  • Rats
  • Beetles
  • Cockroaches
  • & More!

Our other programs go further in protecting your home from pests! Beyond your general pests, we offer treatment plan programs to protect your home from termites, mosquitoes, and ticks!

We're the Lowell Pest Control Experts

We care about our neighbors in Lowell, and want you to experience the joy of a pest-free home! And unlike the big corporations, we take the time to get to know your property, your problems, and your goals! We don’t believe in a one-size-fits-all pest control approach. Instead, we create a customized treatment plan that was crafted specifically for your home, taking all factors into consideration, including your family and pests! When you call Patriot Pest Management, you can expect:

  • A friendly member of our team to walk you through our process, answering any questions you may have.
  • A customized pest control service to rid existing pests from your home.
  • Seasonal treatments to keep pests from returning to your home.
  • To be protected by our Satisfaction Guarantee. If pests return, so do we!

Stay Pest-Free, Guaranteed

Bugs don't belong in your home – it’s as simple as that. When you take back your home with our pest control in Lowell, it will stay pest-free, guaranteed. At Patriot Pest Management, we believe communication is the foundation of a successful business. Our customer service is unmatched. Have any questions? We want you to ask.

Let us show you what a pest-free home can feel like.

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Bed Bug Control in Lowell 

Trying to get rid of bed bugs but not having any luck? Patriot Pest Management offers quick relief from bed bugs! Our commercially licensed exterminators are specially trained to detect and treat bed bugs, and as a part of our services, we offer an automatic follow-up within 24 hours to ensure that you are getting the sleep you deserve!

Bed bugs are a serious problem in Massachusetts – which means you need a serious bed bug treatment. Here at Patriot Pest Management, we eradicate even the most persistent bed bugs –working quickly with minimal disruption. This is how our bed bug control in Lowell works:

1. Specially trained bed bug exterminators will inspect your home to identify infested areas such as: box springs, headboards, mattresses, furniture, and fixtures.

2. We'll treat the bed bugs you can see–and the bed bugs you can't see–with highly effective liquid and aerosol treatments.

3. To keep your home bed-bug free, we'll follow-up with scheduled visits & give exclusive tips to prevent another infestation.

Even with the most effective bed bug treatments, there's still the possibility that bed bugs will come back. We want you to feel protected and help restore your home to its prior state of rest, which is why we follow-up after every treatment to ensure you get the value of the service you need. We are so confident in our Lowell bed bug control services that we include a 60-Day Warranty with treatment. 

Fast, Professional Bed Bug Treatment in Lowell

Here at Patriot Pest Management, we've been eliminating bugs since 1986, so we understand how stressful a bed bug infestation can be. Many times, you may not even be aware that you have bed bugs until the situation is out of control. If you do have an infestation, we will immediately schedule an appointment with one of our professional bed bug exterminators so you can get back to sleeping bug-free. While we work quickly, we also work efficiently. We know that you want to feel safe and protected in your home, which is why we take special safety precautions — especially when treating bedrooms — to ensure complete bed bug elimination without any negative side effects.

Don't put up with bed bugs a minute longer.

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Termite Control in Lowell

Every year termites destroy homes all across the country. Don’t make the mistake of waiting too late to call a termite exterminator and being forced into spending thousands of dollars to repair the damage. Our termite control in Lowell will kill the termites infesting your home and stop them from coming back. Don’t wait until it’s too late to protect your home!

Here at Patriot Pest, we’ve been helping families just like yours since 1986. We know Lowell, and we care about the history behind some of the historic homes nestled within the walls of this city. Unfortunately termites dream of wreaking havoc on these sophisticated, wood-frame houses. The wood that stretches from the ground up to the roof is exactly what termites hope to discover. Stop them from taking over your home and protect your investment with our termite control in Lowell.

What Are Termites?

New England termites are sandy colored bugs about the size of a grain of rice. They live in packs ranging from hundreds to thousands, building colonies in the soil surrounding your home. The only time they leave the ground is to feed on your home. Unfortunately, termites like to stay hidden and feed on the structural features of your home; making it impossible for an untrained eye to notice the damage until it is too late. Our experts have over 30 years of experience inspecting homes for termite damage and the best part is that we do it for free! 

Peace of Mind for 10 Years!

When we do termite treatments in Lowell we only use the best. Our licensed and specially trained termite exterminators have access to the finest termite prevention product on the market, Termidor. The combination of our quality products and expert application techniques means that a single application can protect your home from termites for up to 10 years! Even after elimination, there’s still a 10% chance these pests can return, but with our services, you won’t have to worry about a recurring problem. Termidor will immediately kill any new infestations before your home is damaged. Don’t trust an inferior option when you need to kill termites, choose a service that protects your home long-term. When you hire us you’ll receive:

  • A free inspection to determine the extent of the infestation
  • A recommended service plan tailored to the needs of your home
  • Total elimination of your termite problem with Termidor products
  • Prevention methods that keep termites from returning for up to 10 years

Don't put your home in any more danger.

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Mosquito Control in Lowell

Spring is right around the corner and while mosquitoes aren't out and about now, they could be hibernating in your yard! As soon as it gets warmer being outside can be a whole lot of fun unless pesky, biting mosquitoes swarm as soon as you step out. Fortunately, you don’t have to slather yourself in bug spray and keep your family indoors to be protected from these pests. At Patriot Pest, our mosquito control services in Lowell can help you take your yard back from these blood-thirsty bugs!

Mosquitoes are tenacious insects who go where the food goes–and that means your yard is a prime target. If you plan on spending a lot of time outdoors this spring and summer, our Lowell mosquito control services are your ticket to great times without itchy bites! Our professional mosquito control treatments include:

  • A free initial inspection by a trained mosquito expert
  • Targeted treatment methods
  • Monthly visits throughout the mosquito season

With our recurring treatments, you’ll enjoy your outdoor activities with fewer mosquito bites all season long!

Protect Your Loved Ones From Disease-Carrying Mosquitoes

Did you know that mosquitoes are the prime carriers for harmful illnesses like the Zika virus, West Nile virus, malaria, yellow fever and many more dangerous diseases that can make your family and pets sick? It’s true, and the best way to protect your family from mosquito-borne diseases is to get rid of the source of the problem–the mosquitoes! Our mosquito control services will be your first line of defense to protect your family from bites that can cause them harm. 

Experience Superior Outdoor and Indoor Protection

While our outdoor protection plan will keep your family and pets safe from mosquitoes and ticks while they are outside, our Home Protection Premiere plan helps keep you safe indoors as well. Wherever mosquitoes and ticks try to hide, our trained mosquito exterminators in Lowell will work tirelessly to find them and get rid of them fast so that you can rest easy once again.

You shouldn't have to share your yard with mosquitoes.

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Your Trust Is Important to Us

Here at Patriot Pest Management, we pride ourselves on providing personalized, hassle-free pest control services to households in Lowell. You'll always have the same knowledgeable and courteous pest control exterminator – someone who is familiar with your pest history. And we will always recommend the best pest control plan for you at a competitive price. In addition, you can count on us to use family-friendly products that keep the health of you and your loved ones in mind. It's just that simple!

Ready to eliminate pests once and for all?

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