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Keep Your Home Pest-Free Permanently

Here at Patriot Pest Management, we believe everyone deserves a pest-free home. If you need help eliminating pests--and keeping them away--we have the perfect solution. Our licensed technicians are dedicated to eradicating infestations in Massachusetts and New Hampshire with our Home Protection Plan. Learn more about our plan below & receive $50 OFF

Home Protection

When you put your home in our hands, you get guaranteed results. After all, we've been providing fast, friendly, and dependable pest services to area households for over 30 years! We don't just get rid of bugs–we get rid of bugs for good. Our best-selling Home Protection Plan consists of two visits–one in late spring and the other in late summer/early fall for guaranteed results against:

Ants Bees Pantry pests Earwigs
Ground beetles Spiders Moths Mice and rats
Carpet beetles Silverfish Millipedes Wasp nests

Hassle-Free Pest Control

Here at Patriot Pest Management, we provide superior service to all of our customers because as a family-owned business, we care about your experience. Our licensed technicians will recommend a service plan that meets your household's needs–always at a competitive price. It's how we do business. You deserve a safe, comfortable, pest-free home… and we'll make it happen!

Patriot Pest Management Home Protection Pricing
Square Footage Monthly
0-2000 $25
2001-3000 $29
3001-4000 $33
4001-5000 $37
>5000 By Inspection

*Additional charges for equipment may apply

Ready to kick pests to the curb for good?

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