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Get Rid Of Bed Bugs For Good

If you have a bed bug infestation that won't go away, you've come to the right place. Our specially trained exterminators use the best application techniques combined with the safest, most effective treatment products on the market to ensure your home stays bed bug-free! 

Bed Bug Extermination in Boston

Bed bugs are a serious problem in Boston, Massachusetts. As health officials rush to come up with a more permanent solution, the number of infestations continue to rise. These frustrating bugs don't give up easily. But neither do we! Our expert team is committed to getting rid of bed bugs–and keeping them from returning. Let us give you peace of mind with our proven bed bug control service, so your life can get back to normal.

Quick, Effective Bed Bug Treatments

You shouldn't trust just any exterminator with your bed bug problem. These persistent bugs require specially-trained technicians to handle the job right the first time, and you can count on the team here at Patriot Pest Management to do just that. We take special safety precautions to protect the health of you and your loved ones and immediately schedule an appointment to come out to your house so you don't have to wait for relief. 

Our professional bed bug control services include the following:

  • Safe but powerful liquid and aerosol treatments
  • Automatic follow-up to ensure your home remains bed bug-free
  • 60-day warranty on our services

Patriot Pest has access to the best bed bug treatment products on the market and our technicians attend yearly training to ensure we are up-to-date on the best application techniques. The hardest part of treating bed bugs is their ability to run and hide from danger. Luckily our technicians know exactly where to look to find these pests and get them out of your home for good. We work with you to develop an after-care plan and ensure you understand the importance of every step of our bed bug treatment process. Even with the highly effective, professional bed bug service, there's always the possibility that bed bugs will come back, which is why we follow up after every service to ensure you receive the full value of our highly cost-efficient treatments. If you do find bed bugs, we guarantee every service with a 60-day warranty so you can rest easy knowing you'll be protected!

Say Goodbye to Stress (and Bed Bugs)

There's no question–a bed bug infestation can be incredibly stressful. The last thing you need is a treatment that causes a bigger problem. Here at Patriot Pest Management, we understand that you may be overwhelmed.  For that reason, we make our bed bug control in the greater Boston area hassle-free. We'll even help you prevent future infestations by making the environment unfriendly to bed bugs. It's what we do, and we do it well.

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