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Want to get rid of bugs for good?

Here at Patriot Pest Management, we believe everyone has the right to let their guard down at home without worrying about bugs. Our pest control in Manchester solves the problem by quickly eliminating infestations with custom service specialized to your specific needs. Plus, our preventative services keep bugs away for good. Protect your family and get peace of mind today with our safe and effective solutions!

Pest Control in Manchester

With every season, there are new bugs to deal with in Manchester. You need pest control that works year-round to combat all of them. Our best-selling four season Home Protection Plan is the answer. Trust our expert team  of pest exterminators to take care of your pest issues permanently.

Our Manchester pest control services include:

  • An initial, free inspection to determine how pests are gaining entry to your home. Locating the entry point is half the battle in your war against pests. Once pests stop entering your home, you only have to eliminate the pests that have already made their home in your home. 
  • Customized pest control treatments based on your specific situation. Every pest control situation is unique, and we take your circumstances into consideration when crafting your custom treatment plan. 
  • Two visits – one in late spring and the other in late summer/early fall–to keep pests out year round. Once we eliminating any pests inside your home, we make semi-annual visits to your home to make sure the pests stay out. 

Customized Solutions to Meet Your Needs

If you have a pest infestation, then you know how frustrating it can be. Because all pest infestations are not the same, they require different solutions. Our trained and certified technicians can identify specific types of infestations and then employ the right targeted pest control treatment to eliminate them from your home in Manchester permanently. It's the only way to eradicate pests once and for all. We eliminate ants, bees, spiders, moths, and many other household pests!

Friendly, Dependable Technicians

Here at Patriot Pest Management, we believe our customers deserve superior customer service – and that's just what we give them. We treat our customers with respect, guaranteeing our Home Protection Plan for one year. If you have an issue in between our pest control visits, we'll come out and service your home in Manchester at no charge.

Ready for a pest-free home year-round?

Contact us today to get your free quote!